The Hurtful Text Message

August 11, 2013

I was with my dear friend Nix inside a little milk tea shop that I didn’t get to see the name of, and we are talking about random stuff. She got up her chair and told me she’ll order us milk tea, but she needed to get money from the ATM first so she went outside.

Another person walked in at the milk tea shop and I recognized her — it was Nix’s older sister, Dee. She was wearing a sleeveless denim vest and her hair was cut in short layers, above her shoulder. “Dee! How are you?” I asked. She smiled back but she didn’t respond. Soon Nix got back to the shop and went straight to the counter to buy milk tea. I wanted to ask Dee if she’s okay, but suddenly the scene changed.

I’m in a cozy bed room, and I’m wearing my pajamas, and I see myself having just got up in bed. In front of me was a bowl of cereal ready to eat. As I grab the spoon and start eating, Dee suddenly came into view, the room got a little bit gloomy and darker now. Dee was wearing a fitted black jacket and her hair was really long, the length up to her navel I think. She had a different aura, she has this glow that makes her face look really flawless and very pretty that I just stared while holding my bowl of cereal. She doesn’t look okay, though. I can tell from her eyes that she was sad. Very, sad. But when she spoke, her voice was full of anger and hatred that I got uneasy and wasn’t sure how to respond.

"Why did we cancel the Elbi trip again?" I can see myself looking very confused, and yes I’m still holding my bowl of cereal. She looked at me with eyes full of sadness and said "Because, Migs and I are having an LQ because of what he said in his text message earlier," and Dee fetched her phone from her pocket and flicked through the screen looking for the text message. I can tell that she’s about to cry. The scene went back to the milk tea shop and we are now drinking our milk teas — Nix, Dee, and I. That moment I was looking at Dee and when she looked at me, I suddenly read her mind that she just told me "It doesn’t matter now."

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The Ties That Bind, Broken

August 8, 2013

A lot of people are happily chattering in a somewhat open house party and there are a lot of lights everywhere — it’s already night time. I seriously didn’t know what the party is for, but what I’m sure of is that I was with my dad, and I have no idea who the other people are, and the house is surrounded by a massive body of water. We are technically in an island.

When I’m making my way inside the house to get my glass refilled — yes, I very much drink a lot more in my dreams than in real life — I saw a familiar face looking at me. It was my dear friend Audrey. She walked towards me and I smiled back at her. “Another round?” “Yep, and my last too, we’ll be going home soon,” I replied. Then she instantly looked sad. “You know, our house is not that far, Nai,” Audrey insisted. My eyes searched around and saw their house, it looks like another island floating next to the house we’re in. “Let me talk to my dad, I’ll be back in a bit,” I hurriedly went to look for my dad and when I saw him, “Dad! Hey, I saw Audrey. She told me their house isn’t that far. So can I go now? Look, Dad, there it is!” and I pointed to the island I saw earlier. Then my dad scratched his head and told me “Okay, fine, but you have to text me so I know that you’re safe. Take care, okay?”

Here’s a connecting dream from my sister — who dreamt of this scene the same night I dreamt of the first scene. My sister Theia is talking to Audrey about me going to the latter’s house. “I want you to come with her when she visits me,” says Audrey. Theia, being busy with her studies in college, refused. Then Audrey told her “I’ll cut ties with Nai if you don’t come,” yet still Theia didn’t want to. The next days she learned that Audrey did cut ties with me and since she feels a little guilty, she tried to contact Audrey using my phone. Sadly, my phone number is blocked from Audrey’s phone. Theia grabbed her phone instead and dialed Audrey’s number. The phone started ringing.

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Seemingly Haunted

August 6, 2013

Everything is in black and white. The place looks as if we are in a dead town, resided by no one, deserted and forgotten. In front of me stood an old wooden house, and there I saw a family lying lifeless by the porch. They were murdered, I thought. The scene shifted as if I’m being hurled by a strong wind. Still, I’m standing in front of that same house, but now everything is in color. There was a woman walking by the pavement beside the house, and beside her is a little girl. I knew they were the new owners of the house — but they don’t see me, as if I don’t exist. The woman reached the front door of the house and the scene shifted inside the living room where the little girl happily plays with her doll and as I watch her, I noticed I was sitting in their couch. The woman on the other hand, is looking outside the window, and she looks worried. Suddenly the front door bursts open and I heard gun shots were fired at the little girl and her mother. I didn’t get to see who killed them, and the scene instantly shifted to present time. Then it hit me, all I saw was a flashback.

In the same spot, right in front of the now very old and haunted-looking house, there I stood again. This time, it felt like generations have passed. I then heard footsteps near the pavement beside the building — it was my dear friend, Dee. She was walking with a little girl whom I thought was her sister, and behind them was their Aunt who by the way I forgot the name since I know in real life she is an actress. This time, it was different. She saw me. Dee saw me. “Nai!” she smiled. I smiled back and waved, “Hi Dee!”

I noticed her laid-back outfit that day — it was a white long-sleeved top with a black mustache printed at the center front, faded plain gray skinny jeans, and summer flats. Her little sister looked really cute too, who was wearing a baby pink casual dress. Their Aunt? Oh I dunno, Hollywood gorgeous would describe her because of her choice of clothes. Apparently she takes inspiration from the Charlize Theron and Dior tandem. So much about their look, the scene changed where I was talking to Dee in their front porch. “Let’s hang out somewhere!” I said, then Dee answered “Sure, let me just get my sister, I’m gonna have to look after her, you know.” As we got off the porch and started walking, Dee’s sister suddenly halted.

Her lips were moving, but I don’t hear a word she says, and I can hardly read what she tries to say. Dee was holding her hand and she keeps shaking her, trying to sort of bring her back. The kid started to get pale and she shows off a dead gaze. I started to hear her talk, but this time her lips aren’t moving. I still can’t form words out of what I’m hearing, and I’m getting frustrated. Then it hit me that she’s already possessed. It creeped the hell out of me and I didn’t know what to do. Dee grabbed my arm and said “We have to get help, now!” then we started running back to their house. When I tried to look back, I stopped to catch my breath and stare, I can’t believe what I saw — Dee was hugging her little sister and I read her thoughts that says “She can’t die,” but right beside me is another Dee that keeps tugging my arm shouting “We have to get help, Nai! Let’s go!”

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The Witch And The Swordsman

June 17, 2013

The area was dark, and there was smoke everywhere. People are running for their lives. Someone was leading them inside a massive building. It was a guy of my age and he was holding a wand. I walked outside my house to get a clearer view of the guy — he looked like Jake Abel as his character Luke Castellan in the “Percy Jackson” movie. I tried to run towards them, but I can’t. I thought I needed to have my wand before leaving. I whispered, “Accio Wand!” even if it kills the Harry Potter logic that you need a wand to perform that spell. My wand flew to me anyway and I caught it. I held it tight. Deep down I knew it’s my wand and communicates to me.

I ran towards the enormous dark building that looked like it was abandoned for at least a thousand years ago. As I got closer, the people who were panicking and scurrying to go inside doesn’t look like normal humans anymore. They were  much smaller, like the hobbits in “The Lord of the Rings” movie. Looking up, I saw Luke waving his wand, sealing the building windows one by one. Then it hit me: Luke is not saving them, he’s actually leading them inside to trap them, to kill them.

This is bad. I can see the smirk on his face, the look of evil as the people ran inside the building. I went inside and saw thousands of people, and everything looks dead orange, as if we were inside a heated oven toaster. I can’t take it anymore so I ran outside to face Luke. I knew he still hasn’t seen me, so I tried to sneak my way in the sea of the hysterical people. I have my wand at the ready and anger is building up inside me. Just as I was almost 50 feet away, there, he suddenly saw me. I stopped to catch my breath without taking off my eyes on him. He looked surprised, but he quickly gave me the look of hatred. We began to ran towards each other as fast as we could, and my anger started changing into fear as I see in his eyes the look of Avada Kedavra. In less than 20 feet away, I closed my eyes and opened them as I shout “Expelliarmus!” before Luke could even speak.

I gasped at the next thing I saw. He tripped and fell, rolling in dust on the ground, and there is blood in his arms — he lost both his hands. I realized he cut his hands in the sword blades scattered outside the weaponry building. I left him lying on the ground. As I walked inside the gigantic building with the people, someone called me, it was my orgmate Mira. She told me I have to see a man who was looking for me. I forgot the name she said, but I understood where to go.

The scene shifted to a living room, and there stood a big man that looked like Robbie Coltrane as his character Rubeus Hagrid in the “Harry Potter” movie, only much bigger. I asked him why he was looking for me. Then before he could say a word, I saw a girl beside him — it was my schoolmate Madi. She was holding a sword and her hand is bleeding. She suddenly told me, “That isn’t your wand,” and as I looked at my wand, she said, “This is your weapon,” as she holds up the sword, “not that,” and she darted her eyes to the wand I’m holding. I was really confused on what I’m hearing since I knew very well that it is my wand — a very flexible wand of 12 and 1/4 inches, Laurel wood, Phoenix Feather core. But why? Why tell me that it’s not mine after all?

Suddenly, Madi held out the sword to my hand and told me, “I was using this in battle, but I guess it doesn’t recognize me as its master, because this is yours, so I always ended up bleeding my hand,” and as I took the sword from her, I felt its weight. It was really heavy and I can definitely feel that the sword isn’t mine. The big guy grabbed my wand and told me, “This wand is not yours,” and he snapped it into half. “NO!” I shouted, but it was too late. I was deeply disheartened when I saw my wand broken and I started crying. “No, no, it’s mine..” Heavy tears fell down my face when I picked up the broken wand.

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School’s Over

May 14, 2013

I was back in my high school university, and I see myself wearing the same old white school uniform. Inside the classroom, I’m with my high school batchmates wearing the same thing, but I didn’t sit beside them. They smiled at me and I nodded back. I can only see them and the blackboard clearly, everything else is blurred.

A teacher went inside to start her lesson. The dream shifted to the end of class and I was the only one left in the room. I called my mom on the phone saying that school is over. Suddenly the weather got gloomy and then I told my mom, “Should I really go to boracay? My flight is tonight but it seems like there will be a downpour later,” which my mom answered to, “Yes you should, Theia was already there four days ago,” so I agreed and ended the call.

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